(details about the project here)

1. Cap mod for bridge PU

In this sound clip, the cap mod can be heard:


1. Just bridge PU
2. Just Neck PU
3. Both (almost no bass from Mudbucker!)
4. Both . First cap in serial with bridge PU. More but controlled bass.
5. Both. Both caps in serial. Fat bass with edge!


2. "Gibson Mudbucker neck pickup" VS "Artec reissue"

Noname Jazz bass body made of Mahogny.
70's Cimar lawsuit neck, Dadarrio Chromes flats

Ampeg B100R, EQ middle

  Neck   Bridge Style  
  Gibson Artec Noname Finger Pick
Sample 1 x     x  
Sample 2 x       x
Sample 3 x   x x  
Sample 4 x   x   x
Sample 5   x   x  
Sample 6   x     x
Sample 7   x x x  
Sample 8   x x   x

Left: nonname 1.2 kohm pickup, middle: Gibson and right: a new Artec

Artec Resistance 29.5 kOhm

Artec EBC4-CR "mudbucker reissue"